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There are several critical points to consider when trying to find a vacation rental in Cozumel that you may not be aware of until you've actually stayed here a time or two.  Since we started out as tourists, and ended up as residents, we wanted to share some key pointers, regardless of where you choose to stay while you're here (although we think that we offer the best places at the best prices!).  Small comforts can be priceless, and you sometimes don't know what you need until it's not there...

Key Points:
  • PURIFIED WATER: Always look for a place that offers purified water.  You don't think it's that big of a deal until you get sick for the first time, or until you realize that you need a drink of water, but all of the shops are closed.  Our house has "whole house" purified water, and we are proud to say that we are one of the first and only rental properties in Cozumel to offer this.  You can drink any water that comes out of any faucet in the entire house, including the pool and the shower!

  • FLOODING: Cozumel is a tiny island in the middle of the ocean, and can be subject to tropical storms and flooding.  Make sure that the vacation rental you choose is not only on a hill, but has proper drainage and the added security of hurricane shutters.  Our house, we are proud to report, has all of these features.  We made it through Hurricane Wilma, the worst hurricane in the history of the Caribbean, and while people spent days trying to get the water out of their homes, wondering where they were going to find fresh drinking water, and how they were going to keep their food from spoiling, we didn't get more than a few drops of water in our house, and had purified water the entire time.

  • POWER/GENERATORS: Since you're on a tropical island with tropical storms, electricity is prone to disruption.  One of our favorite possessions on the island is our generator, which has gotten us through several blackouts in comfort.  Our house even has outlets for the generator, so if there's a power outage, simply press the start button on the generator, and you will never know that the electricity was out, except for the sound of a distant motor whirring away outside.

  • SAFETY: As with anywhere, although Cozumel is one of the safest places in the world to vacation and live, there are things to watch out for.  We are proud to report that we are in the coveted area of town called "Corpus Christi", where crime is virtually unknown.  You can wander the streets at any hour, and there is little distraction on this house on the hill.  In addition, we have a high, completely lockable security wall, which not only acts as a safety feature, but also acts as a privacy fence, making our Cozumel Casita extremely private.

  • PRIVACY: Speaking of privacy, you would be amazed at how many vacation rentals in Cozumel do not offer complete privacy from your neighbors, and from wandering eyes that happen to be passing by.  If you want to shut out the outside world, get a full tan, or simply know that you are enjoying your vacation in complete privacy, look for places that have, if nothing else, private verandas, so you can enjoy yourself however you wish, in peace and privacy.


Contact Keith at 312.498.8265 any time for further information.
Peak rates are just $1,200.00/week, and off-peak rates are only $800.00/week.
Cozumel Casita comfortably sleeps up to 8 people.